The Bag Charm Trend

Some might say the eyes are the window to the soul. We say it's your bag. And as of late, what you put on it.

Since Jane Birkin’s bag famously overflowed with clothes, lunches, and running shoes, the luxury bag has become more than a pristine accessory. Although some may keep their purses in dust bags to break out for special occasions only, others will make theirs a part of their day to day chores. From sitting on the subway to sitting front row at a runway, we are seeing people use their bags however, wherever, and whenever they like. But lately, we’ve been thinking how to make these classic, iconic bags feel new and original again. The result can only be attributed to a personal touch from the owner themselves. 

Bag customization isn’t new. Brands like Louis Vuttion have hosted pop ups with artists in their stores hand painting bags for the better of the last decade. As we’ve seen a rise in second hand and vintage shopping, bag customizations have become something more personal, and appearing more often. Bag charms are a fun and easy way to mount your talismans and display them to others: trinkets found at farmers markets, charms from a grandmother, pins from the thrift store to name a few. 

Charms, keychains, scarves, pins, beads, almost anything that people can get their hands on are being put on bags. Some go for the chic, minimalist route like Leandra Medine Cohen and her Songmont bag. Others go for Taylor Swift Era’s tour-esque friendship bracelets like the ones that the brand Don’t let Disco creates.


No matter the style, bag charms and other customizations have flooded our feeds and retail stores, allowing the customer to connect in their own way with the purchases they're making. We think it’s fun to display who you are as a person on your bag. It’s kind of like Instagram. You get to decide what you want to show the word about who you are.

There really isn’t a wrong answer on how to personalize or with what. It’s personal! You could decorate til the weight of the charms outweighs the contents of the bag. Or maybe a simple charm and silver keychain is enough for you. But we believe in letting your bags see the streets. So take them out of the dust bag, string together a charm or two, and make them your own.

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Evan Skovronsky
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