Girls About Town: Kelsey Bucci

This week in Savannah we caught up with Kelsey Bucci, owner and founder of Paris Laundry. She started PL after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 years old, setting out to create and offer truly safe products. When she’s not playing with skincare, she prefers to be on the back of a horse, or running around watching her kids do the things they love. 

In Savannah, clean living is synonymous with Kelsey and her brand. Paris Laundry is a one stop shop for advice on skincare, wellness, and low tox beauty services. Just a few blocks on foot from Marmalade’s Savannah storefront, we are grateful to share space with this Girl About Town whose style is as cool as the business she has built.

Kelsey in her Whitaker St Storefront wearing Anine Bing & Ganni

Marmalade Savannah: How would you describe your personal style? 

Kelsey: Once upon a time I was a Stylist, so my love of fashion runs deep. When it comes to my personal style, I keep things pretty simple. I guess you could describe it as classically chic meets street style, but my Vegas roots add a western flare. 

Marmalade Savannah: Who are a few designers that stand out to you at Marmalade?

Kelsey: Rachel Comey, Baum Und Pferdgarten, AGOLDE, Ganni, Anine Bing. 

Kelsey wears a T-shirt from Anine Bing, pants, jacket, and ballet flats from Ganni, and carries a vintage Chanel bag from Marmalade Savannah

Marmalade Savannah: I’ve never caught you on a day when your skin wasn’t glowing… Can you give us a look into your daily skincare/beauty routine? 

Kelsey: I keep it pretty simple, focusing on skin nourishment. I start my day with a big glass of lemon water, and after my workout a cup of coffee with our marine collagen supplement. For skincare I use all my favorites from my line, it’s hard to choose a favorite so I rotate through products on any given day. But The Everywhere Oil is always a must!

Marmalade Savannah: Of course, your Everywhere oil is a ride or die for me personally! We hear you're launching some new Paris Laundry signature products... What products can we look forward to from this new line?

Kelsey: We just launched our Hydration Line, which includes four new products to incorporate with our Treatment line. We have a beautiful pre-cleansing oil, a hyaluronic acid serum, a pure organic rose water facial mist, and an illuminating Manuka honey mask.

Marmalade Savannah: Summer is just around the corner, any tips for maintaining a fresh face in the Savannah heat and humidity?

Kelsey: Hydration from the inside out is key! Keeping a facial mist on hand like our Rose Dew is a beautiful reset for your skin throughout the day. Stick to more cream formulas when it comes to makeup so your skin looks youthful and dewy. 

Marmalade Savannah: You spin so many plates as a business owner, mother of four, and wellness expert. Do you have any secrets to finding balance in your hectic schedule? 

Kelsey: I wish I had it all figured out, but truly everyday is different. So for me I have let go of the idea that there needs to be balance in my life. I just tackle the things in front of me as they come, and try and control what I can control. Above all else I prioritize my health. When I feel myself getting stressed and overwhelmed I ask myself, is my family happy and healthy? Am I happy and healthy? If the answer is yes to those two questions, it helps keep whatever “stress” I may be feeling in perspective. 

Kelsey wears Anine Bing button down and Horseshoe Jean from Citizens of Humanity

Marmalade Savannah: What do you love most about running your business?

Kelsey: So many things! I love that I get to pour my heart and creativity into something that I am so passionate about. I love the freedom that it allows with my kids, being able to be there for them, or have them at work with me is amazing. Also, connecting with so many women who are looking for truly clean and safe products brings me so much joy. 

Marmalade Savannah: What is your favorite spot to get a drink in Savannah? Dinner/Date night?

Kelsey: My favorite spot for a tasty mocktail is Bar Julian, and a cutie date night spot is for sure Late Air!


Emily Lacey
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