A Brat Girl Summer

I think by now we're all bumping that. And by that, I mean the new album Brat by Charlie XCX. 

XCX’s 6th studio album is a new sound for her. Combining her love for driving fast, clubbing, and fashion with nuanced vulnerability on what it means to be labeled a “celebrity” and even deeper, a woman– Charli created a new genre of club music. While simultaneously exploring her views on herself and society, she also sings about how much of an icon she is (we love duality).

“Brat” sent the internet into a frenzy. It didn't just completely take over MY headphones and car speakers, it took over every social media outlet and every conversation with friends. A culture evolved, and the Brat girl was born.

Now at first glance, a Brat might appear to be all leather, sunglasses, and no sensitivity, but the Brat girl is more than she appears. She goes hard, rides on the back of a motorcycle (hopefully with a helmet), and skips the line. But she also goes for a yearly check-up, walks for fun, and tips 20%. It is this duality that makes her so relatable. Her face card never declines and neither does her debit card, she has overdraft protection turned on. She has a martini at lunch and a Pepto Bismol before dinner. She might “Walk like a bitch” but she definitely isn't one.

Brat kills the idea that women have to be one thing. The mother of the friend group or the problem child. Why can't they be both? Or neither? You can look hot and still have an existential crisis about motherhood. 

Now for the question we are all waiting to be answered… How can you be a Brat? Now I can't help with the aura, that's something you have to figure out on your own. But I can help you look the part, and the look is half the Brat Girl aura anyway.

Pulling from XCX’s own album rollout and looks, the Brat Girl is understated. She shops locally and focuses on well-made pieces. Leather, black, mesh, and denim are her staples. She stays simple but isn't afraid to layer. It’s clubwear meets business casual. She loves her tights. Her choices hold meaning. 

Layering tights under a simple skirt or short shorts will immediately elevate your look to brat girl status. Try a double tank moment, with as many belts as you can find layered over. And a fur coat never hurt anyone.

At the end of the day, her clothes are a part of her. So although the brat girl does have a look, if you embody the spirit with enough confidence, you can make anything a little bratty.

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