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When I was in fourth grade, I sewed my first clothing item: a denim wrap skirt that I modeled at the county fair. It was in an unexpected place while participating in a local Idaho 4-H group that I discovered fashion, unaware of where fashion could take me. When I was 16, my first job was at a local women’s clothing store. It was coincidentally called Marie’s Boutique after the owner, Marie O’Brien. My only job was to steam clothing in the back room. A little over ten years after, I purchased that same boutique while pregnant with twin girls and two active boys at home.

Growing up in the foster care system, I found fashion as an escape from a difficult upbringing. As I once dreamed of opening my own store, I now hope that I can inspire others to follow their own dreams. As a mother-daughter trio, my daughters, Kaity and Kasey, and I built Marmalade based on our own cherished memories shopping together. The goal for our stores is to create spaces where mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, best friends, etc. can all shop together and find something to love and cherish.

As a business, Marmalade is dedicated to sharing our love for fashion in an uplifting and welcoming environment. However, we are much more than clothes, we are a feeling. We believe in experiences that inspire and fashion that makes us feel great. We aren’t followers, we are individuals looking to inspire and be inspired by passionate people and pretty things. We choose not to limit ourselves to trends or “being cool”. We have fun with fashion because we don’t take it too seriously. We wear what we want, when we want and dare others to do the same. Marmalade celebrates individuality, expression and personal style through encouraging customers to invest in clothes and wear them in whatever way makes them feel amazing. 


We aren’t trying to be perfect; we are just trying to be ourselves.

And we want to show you why fashion is fun.

Join us on this journey to love clothes and love yourself. We surely look forward to it. 



Marie Widmyer

Owner of Marie's Boutique and Marmalade


Kasey, Kaity, and Marie


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