Sustainable Fashion Update: Fabric Made from Roses

In a quest to make fashion less harmful to the environment, almost all of our brands have made an effort to produce more eco-friendly styles. The debate on whether the fashion industry can ever be truly “sustainable” from an environmental standpoint is a never-ending debate. However, in the last few seasons, we’ve been impressed by the brands that are experimenting with new fabrics and technologies. One of our favorite denim brands, Etica, recycles all of their water to use for farming in Mexico. Copenhagen designers like Munthe, Stine Goya and Baum Und Pferdgarten seem to be paving the way for the sustainable fashion conversation. Copenhagen Fashion Week became the first fashion week to implement an environmentally focused strategy into the event. Many of these designers that show are using more sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and other recycled materials. Most recently, one brand has especially caught our eye with their sustainable initiatives: For Love & Lemons. The LA-based brand was once a favorite to festival goers and 20-somethings looking for cute, daring styles. As Idaho girls, we first became attracted to the brand because the founders are from Wyoming. We believe that fashion exists everywhere and we wanted to support a brand that was born out of a small town. For Love and Lemons has now evolved to include a wide variety of clothes including pretty puff sleeve blouses and wedding-ready dresses that can be worn again and again. Most notably, we’ve fallen in love with their new fabrication made from roses. Yes, as in the flower!! This new fabric is made as a silk-like material from rose petal waste that is spun into a fiber. This season, we have two pieces made from the new luxe rose fabric: the Keely Dress (pictured below) and the Dahlia BF Shirt. Shop these pieces online and in-stores now! You may even find a sweet smelling surprise when you experience these fabrics in person!


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