Monthly Mantra: Believe

Ahh… it’s a new year, an automatic reset on life, right? Well, not quite. We know this is the most popular time of the year for setting goals and commitments, and if you made a list of New Year’s resolutions that’s great! However, this year, we are taking a different approach. Starting January 2021, we are committed to sharing our “Monthly Mantras”, a word or short phrase that is our dedicated mentality for the month. A few days ago we shared an Instagram post about our New Year’s resolution (which is actually an anti-resolution). We have big goals and things we want to accomplish, but this can sometimes be intimidating. Instead, we are shifting the mentality to work on ourselves “a little bit everyday”. This means we are setting small goals to help us reach our bigger ones! By sharing our monthly mantra, we hope that we can inspire you to take it easy on your expectations and set multiple small goals to keep yourself committed. So to kick off our monthly mantra series, we are sharing our first one: BELIEVE. 


This month, we are paying extra attention in believing in ourselves, our talents and our hard work. It seems like a simple statement, but sometimes belief in ourselves is the confidence boost that we need to keep going and reaching new heights. 


So cheers to a new year! And cheers to a new goal setting mindset! If you want to follow our mantra, share with us how you are believing in yourself in the comments.. or share your own monthly mantra!




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