Monthly Mantra: Growth



A monologue:


“Things have been uncomfortable... for a while. There is no longer an empty corner for me to take a break & stretch. It seems as though I now encompass the entirety of this space. 


But it’s scary out there. 


Moving is on my mind. 


But it’s familiar here. 


I will crack one day... and when I’m ready for that growth I’ll be able to look back on the beautiful shell I once called home. 


I’m excited for the new place... maybe this one will be pink? 


One of the best parts about being a hermit crab is that we have the most beautifully decorated shells! I’m starting to look forward to moving now, it’s not all that scary...


You humans, you get to change your clothes everyday!! You get to take risks! How lucky. 


That reminds me... I better be 100% sure about this next shell, because I’ll be staying there a while. I guess I’m going to go with pink, don’t you think?”

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