Girls About Town: Nikki Krecicki

Marmalade Girls About Town: a dedicated feature to highlight creative and visionary women in various industries who have fun with fashion in their everyday lives. 

Nikki Krecicki is a friend of ours in Savannah who is a photographer and the owner of Provisions Wine and Groceries. Nikki started Provisions in New York City where she lived and worked as a fashion photographer. Hosting charitable events centered around food sparked the dream of a Provisions brick-and-mortar. She saw that a corner grocery store with low-intervention wine was missing from the landscape in downtown Savannah. She returned to the historic city she fell in love with as a SCAD student to pursue the opportunity to create a space where she could host a diverse offering of events and build a hub for her community. We took the opportunity to photograph and chat with Nikki at Provisions to highlight a few of her favorite things at the Savannah store now. 

Marmalade Savannah: How would you describe your personal style? 

Nikki: My personal style has evolved so much over the years as my career has shifted. Right now I’m drawn to neutrals and timeless pieces. I’m always living out this fantasy of living in a small French town. My style feels very French prairie at the moment.

Marmalade Savannah: When did you fall in love with fashion? 

Nikki: I fell in love with fashion during middle school and high school. I was drawn to the fashion industry through magazine editorials (and America’s Next Top Model ha). I thought it was so magical the way you could create this fantasy through garments, set design, hair and make-up. I went to school for at SCAD for fashion photography. I later moved to NYC to pursue fashion photography through various publishing and model agency jobs. It was an unbelievable experience being able to be at the forefront of fashion.

Marmalade Savannah: Who are a few designers that stand out ot you at Marmalade?

Nikki: I love Simon Miller, Rachel Comey and Ganni. All these brands have such a unique personality and code but they each have a timeless quality. 

Marmalade Savannah: What brought you back to Savannah to start your business?

Nikki: Living in NYC during the pandemic really made me revaluate the longevity of living there. Rent and cost of living is so high and I felt like I could pursue my dream of a Provisions brick and mortar in Savannah. A corner grocery store with low-intervention wine was missing from the landscape here downtown and I’m so grateful I took the leap to move here. It’s been so rewarding diving into this community.

We admire the community you have built around Provisions through events and collaborations. Is there anything on the horizon for this spring that we should be excited about? 

My goal of the shop was to have a space where I could host various events and make it a community hub. It’s been so special seeing the store used for yoga and meditation, salsa dancing, different creative workshops. This week we are teaming up with marmalade for a cute Valentine’s craft night and next week we will have a wine 101 class that I’m very excited for. 

What is your favorite thing to sip on lately from Provisions?

Right now, I have been really enjoying the adaptogenic non-alcoholic drinks. I love drinking the Kin Euphorics Lightwave, Ghia spritz or Rishi Mushroom Hero tea. The winter is a perfect time to reset and focus on revitalizing evening habits. 

You're a prolific creative force outside of Provisions. What do you find inspiration in? What drives your creative process?

I love creating whether it be the curation of the shop or a fresh floral arrangement. I’m really inspired by the changing seasons and trying to capture the essence of the moment.  Photography has been a great tool to continue building these narratives in my personal and commercial work. 

What is your favorite spot to get a drink in Savannah? Dinner?

Savannah is a special culinary town, very grateful for the folks that have created these amazing culinary destinations in the past few years. If I’m out, you’ll usually find me at Late Air for some amazing glasses of wine and food. Savoy, for a martini or a mezcal Negroni. And for special occasions I love to celebrate at Common Thread


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