Marmalade Underground

Marmalade Underground began as an unfinished basement in our new retail location that housed old retail racks and 80’s clothing that was left over from a store that closed over 30 years ago. Thinking about the lonely clothes that have sat unworn for decades, we took it as an opportunity to expand. As lovers of old things, we were not new to the vintage world. We cherished our memories shopping at “junk shows” like Farm Chicks where we found our favorite décor and special vintage pieces to decorate our personal spaces and our stores. Whenever we travel, we always try to dedicate a day to scoping out the best vintage shops. In 2016, after a year of sweeping up dust and collecting vintage items, we transformed an empty basement with forgotten clothes into a hidden gem vintage store literally under Marmalade called Marmalade Underground. In the last few years, Underground has been a destination to find classic vintage items like Levi’s cutoffs and distressed vintage tees. As we look into the future, we hope that underground can continue to be a place of discovery, where our customers can find unique vintage and reworked clothing items to build a sustainable wardrobe.


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Select Marmalade Underground pieces can be found online.