Monthly Mantra: Luck

Success has no secret or so they say; the perfect combination of preparation, hard work & luck. Luck: a phenomenon or sentiment; A belief that defines an experience notably positive, negative or unreasonably improbable.  It is the likelihood that you show up to the thrift store the day after a donation from a wealthy widow. Or when the last pair of rack shoes happens to be in your size. But how is it that we create all of this ourselves? As the generation of manifestation forges its way to think all that we want into existence... does that lens of how we view our luck shift? Do we shift? Meditate they say... to quiet our minds. Close the eyes... breath in... “I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich, I am that bitch, I am going to go get that bag and I am not going to take your shit” and repeat. So this has been the secret all along? I don’t feel the good luck yet... I guess we will try again. Manifesting luck this March... hopefully the good kind! 

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