Marmalade Brooklyn


There’s just something magical about New York City… a unique place encompassed by chaos, creativity and dreams. This year we decided to take the leap (across the country) and make our mark in the big apple. As lovers of fashion, we definitely had our sights and dreams towards the big city. Surprisingly, these unprecedented times sped up the process and brought us the blessing of opportunity. Like the original Marmalade in Idaho, our new Brooklyn location showcases our creative vision through fashion and interior design.  We believe that shopping should be fun and our goal is to inspire our customers to experiment with their own personal style. While all locations will share a common thread of our favorite staple items (vintage designer bags included!!), our Brooklyn shop will be, fashion-wise, more experimental with new designers and daring styles. Marmalade Brooklyn is the place where you can find clothes to live in and to love. We are the bridge from unique clothes and cool designers to fashion loving individuals. Come visit us at 82 Dobbin and let us remind you why you love fashion.




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