Girls About Town: Madeline Marie

Madeline Marie, the designer behind her eponymous brand, originally hails from Texas but has made a name for herself styling photoshoots and sewing voluminous dresses in her East Village apartment. We caught up with this cowboy boot clad creative force in Brooklyn to play with pieces from her current collection. 

Marmalade Brooklyn: Describe your style in 2-3 words or a sentence

Madeline: I love pairing vintage with both new and handmade pieces. I like to pair unassuming shapes and patterns together. I like to wear what makes me feel comfortable and beautiful rather than what is trending 

Marmalade Brooklyn: When did you fall in love with fashion?

I have loved fashion from a very young age. I vividly remember watching cheetah girls in the 3rd grade and sketching their outfits, but then sketching them how I would have worn them! I have always known that I wanted to work in fashion in some way 

Marmalade Brooklyn: Who are a few of your favorite designers at Marmalade?

I love the curation of designer handbags, so beautifully done. I love Stine Goya, Simon Miller and Baum Und Pferdgarten. 

Marmalade Brooklyn: What inspires you to design your dresses?

I find a lot of inspiration in daydreaming, dreaming up dresses I wish I could be wearing and sketching them on random pieces of paper I find wherever I am. Traveling inspires me by teaching me about different cultures and seeing new places I have never seen. I love vintage fashion, so many silhouettes and fashion eras of the past inspire me. Lastly, New York City will always be one of my greatest inspirations, the people who walk the streets and the many stories they have to tell. 

Marmalade Brooklyn: What is your favorite place to get a drink or dinner in your neighborhood?

I live in the East Village, so my very favorite restaurant is Mud Coffee- their coffee is incredible & their drinks and food are so good. It’s my go-to cozy breakfast. My New York friend group that has since moved away used to meet there every Friday morning for coffee— it was like my Carrie Bradshaw moment I had always dreamed of. 




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