Girls About Town: Lisa Richardt

Lisa Richardt is the Seattle based designer behind Veronica and Harold, her timeless jewelry collection that has been a long time favorite of ours at Marmalade. We caught up with Lisa in Savannah to learn more about the stories behind her jewelry and the creative ways in which she styles it. 


Marmalade Savannah: When did you fall in love with fashion? 

Lisa: I think I was born loving fashion. My mom would tell you my first words were "pretty panties" As soon as I learned to sew, I became obsessed with fabric and my fashion interests began to expand.



Marmalade Savannah: How would you describe your personal style?

Lisa: Eclectic, classic and wild. I love mixing and matching cuts, colors and patterns. I use style outside to express how I feel on the inside.



Marmalade Savannah: Who are a few of your favorite designers at Marmalade… Besides Veronica and Harold ;) 

Lisa: Staud, Birgitte Herskind, French Girl (their shimmer oil is amazing)



Marmalade Savannah: What is your favorite trick for styling jewelry? 

Lisa: Layers, layers and more layers. Mix metals and stones to elevate an outfit. And don't be afraid to try something you think is outside of your comfort zone.



Marmalade Savannah:What is a fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share?

Lisa: A fun fact about me, I am related to David Bowie.


Photos & Interview by Emily Lacey
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